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Custom Order Your Rail Wall Systems

One size does not always fit your project, and the concept of the Rail Wall System is so versatile that we want to help you create the exact display you envision.

Larger or Smaller Panels

Maybe 12” or 18” panels are not perfect for your donor wall or branding display. Perhaps you high ceiling allow for a diplay that is taller than 65″.

Custom Painted Rails

A splash of color to match your business’ logo colors may be just what your signage needs. Don’t want it to look like metal? We can make it any color you want.

Incorporate Shapes

Your display does not have to be just flat panels. Other shapes and metalwork can be incorporated for a more interesting design.

Sliding Panels

Sliding panels can create a more interactive display for a donor wall or history wall. Vistors can slide panels to see more phots or read about the project.

Custom vs. Standard

If your design can fit into one of our standard Rail Wall System options, and you are not interested in any of the above modifications, you will be able to purchase the system at a more affordable rate (see catalog for pricing.) Due to the time it takes to design Rail Wall Systems, we cannot offer our catalog pricing on custom displays.

Graphic Panel Printing Available

Need help completing your Rail Wall with graphic panels?  Our full service graphics department can design, proof and fabricate your Rail Wall to your exact needs. Panels can be produced in many different substrates including plexiglass and metal, creating texture and interest.

Want a Custom Rail Wall?

Send us a drawing and dimensions of what you are envisioning, or call us and describe it. The possibilities are endless and Rail Walls is up to the challenge of creating and manufacturing the perfect display to showcase your organization.


We want to help you through the process of selecting your perfect Rail Wall System or creating a custom display for your business or organization.


If you have questions about how the system works, or what types of materials are best for your panels, contact us so we can help.



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