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In Hospitals, In Schools, In Offices, In Banks, In Centers

Non-Profit • Donor Wall • Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

for Pink Kitty Creative

College • Delaware State University • Dover, DE

University • Donor Wall • Kentucky

Zoo • Donor Recognition Wall • Washington DC

Non-Profit • Donor Wall  Branding Wall  Kerrville, TX

Hospital • History Wall • Branding Wall • Cedar Rapids, IA

Private College • History Wall • Indianola, IA

Non-Profit • Donor Wall • Cedar Rapids, IA

Bank • History Wall • Marion, IA

Religious Building • Donor Wall • New York, NY

Private School • Donor Wall • Chicago, IL

Youth Center • Donor Wall • Rochester, MN

Corporate • Branding Wall • Cedar Rapids, IA

University • Donor Wall • San Francisco, CA


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