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Donor Recognition Wall

History Walls – A Tribute To Your Beginnings

With Rail Wall Systems It’s Simple and Customizable

Display the rich history of your company or organization in a dynamic Rail Wall System design. Use old photographs, newspaper articles, and call out important events or your mission statement.

The Perfect Display for Any Setting

Your history display can be brand specific, fit into your company’s architecture and decor, or be designed to look like it is dated. Rail Walls are also great for history museum displays, as they are cost effective and offer many layout options.

Custom Rail Wall Systems

Have a vision different from the catalog, or need to plan for certain print sizes? We can create a Rail Wall System that is unique to your project. This is a great option if you don’t have a graphic design department to sort out the details of the display, order graphic panels and figure out placement of panels.

Standard Rail Wall Systems

If you have a talented in-house graphics department that can create a gorgeous custom looking display, or have a concept drawn up that you will likely change out over time, the standard displays are an easy to use option. You can order graphic panels from you vendor, or from us.


We want to help you through the process of selecting your perfect Rail Wall System or creating a custom display for your business or organization.


If you have questions about how the system works, or what types of materials are best for your panels, contact us so we can help.



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