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Standard Rail Wall Display Systems

Our Rail Walls have become so popular that we now offer them in standard sizes and arrangements.

Rail Wall Systems offers a standardized package of
layout options for a ready to go, off-the-shelf solution.

Rail Wall Systems are sold WITHOUT graphics. The option to add them onto any order is available.
Rail Wall Systems are shipped ASSEMBLED.  Mounted to a back panel and have the cleat attached.
Rail Wall Systems are installed with a FRENCH CLEAT. The cleats are supplied and included with all orders.

Four options to determine when choosing a system

Rail Height?

Panel Width?

How Many Columns?

Flat or Staggared?

36”, 48”, or 60”

Decide which height you need. Choose a height that best handles your content and visually fits the wall. Each layout design whether flat or staggered offers 3 height options.

Panel Width?
12” or 18”

This is the actual finished size of your panels. The panel edges are held inside the tracks and can easily slide up and down. 1/4” thick panels recommended for best fit. Multiple panels at different heights can stack into one track. 1/8” thick panels can be bowed out to jump a track

How Many Columns?

• Measure your wall space to determine size that will fit.
• Pick a layout that will have the best impact for your content.
• The overall width of the system changes depending on the panel width selected.


Rail Wall System provides two options for the overall look. The Flat layout has all the bars on a horizontal plane, the Staggered layout varies the positioning of the bars up and down. Choose the layout you prefer.


Order Your Own

Order Graphic Panels to Correct Dimensions

You can order your own graphic panels to fit the following specifications, or have them custom printed by Rail Wall Systems.

  • Track Opening is an 8mm slot
  • ¼ inch panels are recommended
  • ⅛ inch panels can flex to extend across and over a rail for a wider print
  • Multiple panels at different heights can stack on the same track

Order From Us

Graphic Panel Printing Available for Beautiful Quality

Need help completing your Rail Wall with graphic panels?  

Our full service graphics department can design, proof and fabricate your Rail Wall to your exact needs.

Panels can be produced in many different substrates including plexiglass and metal, creating texture and interest.


We want to help you through the process of selecting your perfect Rail Wall System or creating a custom display for your business or organization.


If you have questions about how the system works, or what types of materials are best for your panels, contact us so we can help.



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