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Donor Recognition Inspires Continued Giving

Our Rail Wall System for donor recognition at Tamid NYC inspires all comers to the Downtown Synagogue with it’s vibrant colors and engaging photos. Custom designed and fabricated using our unique aluminum Rail Wall System, the donor wall and mission wall are a combination of the vertical rails and panels in a random grid of interlacing names and photos. Allowing some of the panels to span or what we call “jump” over a bar gives a three-dimensional effect and brings life to this static donor wall. The deep hues of the panels speak of the deep heritage and traditions of the Jewish faith and the Downtown Synagogue in New York City.

Perfect Fit for a Synagogue


Designed to fit inside the lobby of the Synagogue, the donor wall is in celebration of the Tamid NYC donors and inspiring for more donations. The puzzle design of horizontal non-glare durable panels and vertical aluminum rails has a combination of lists, individual names, quotes and photos to engage all visitors to this donor recognition wall.



It individualizes different donations by campaign and type of giving, along with five different giving levels, but maintains the mission and vision of the Synagogue in one balanced donor wall. A  pre-design of the donor wall was completed one year prior to fabrication to build more donations. With the pre-design the donors could visualize their names on the wall and were inspired to give to the Tamid NYC different campaigns.

Along with the donor wall a smaller matching mission display was produced. Together the two pieces are a visually striking artistic addition to the Downtown Synagogue in New York City.