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Displays are Customized To Fit

Your Space, Your Look, Your Content
Our Rail Wall Systems Offer Many Layout Possibilities. There are four options to consider when configuring a custom wall display system.

Rail Height?

Panel Width?

How Many Columns?

Flat or Staggared?

Rail Height?

First lets decide which height is best for your space. Usually the ceiling height limits you. For those with very open spaces the rails can extend to any height for visual impact. Choose a height that best handles your content and visually fits the wall. Remember the ideal reading sight is between 3′ and 7′ tall. Rails that extend all the way to the ground are not recommended.

Panel Width?

The size of the graphic panels can vary within each display so the columns do not have to be equal. The panel edges are held inside the tracks and easily slide up and down. Multiple panels with different heights can stack into one column. Panels can bow out to create an arch or even jump over a rail to span two columns for a greater effect. Recommend panels no less then 10″ wide and no more then 36″ wide.

How Many Columns?

The length of the wall and how to divide up your content to fit and read the best will determine the number of columns needed. Columns act like chapters of a book telling a certain part of your story.

Layout Design?

Rail Wall System gives a lot of choice for the overall look. The Flat layout has all the bars on a horizontal plane, the Staggered layout varies the positioning of the bars up and down. Choose the style of layout you prefer.

Beautiful Quality – Amazing Results

Our full service graphics department can design and fabricate your Rail Wall Display to your exact needs. Panels can be produced in many different substrates including plexiglass and metal, creating texture and interest. We fabricate for durability and great craftsmanship by using Precision Cutting and High Quality Printing so that your display will arrive ready to impress.


We want to help you through the process of selecting your perfect Rail Wall System or creating a custom display for your business or organization.


If you have questions about how the system works, or what types of materials are best for your panels, contact us so we can help.



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