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Donor Recognition Walls For a Beautiful Tribute

Rail Wall Systems Make it Easy and Affordable

Whether you are in the midst of a capital campaign that will come to an end, or your organization is looking for a living donor recognition wall that can grow over time, a Rail Wall Systems display will attract and impress.

Donor Recognition Wall

A Testimony to The Difference Donors Make

Your display will be a true testimony of the difference your hospital, school or organization can make with help from the donations and generosity of others. Include a mission statement, photos and some history about the project or organization. Reflect your brand in the colors and make the donor wall complement the decor and architecture of your building.


We want to help you through the process of selecting your perfect Rail Wall System or creating a custom display for your business or organization.


If you have questions about how the system works, or what types of materials are best for your panels, contact us so we can help.



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